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90% Completed For The Past Year

Boulangerie in Paris. (Photo by Sandy Ross)

Well, not quite. But it sure feels that way. At this point, I keep telling people that I’m 90% finished with the DRAFT of the BOOK PROPOSAL for the literary agent. Now that’s a long way from saying that I’m 90% finished with the manuscript. But that’s what I tell people because it has the sweet ring of being completed. Anyway, just delivering a book proposal to a literary agent is a milestone (or so I keep telling myself). The nice thing about writing on the subject that my book is about is that I will have to go back to Paris…not once but twice before the final manuscript can be published. I have to go the first time so that I can go to every building, site or place that I’ve researched. I need to confirm that it really is there, the address, the correct Metro stop I’ve quoted in the book and to take pictures. I have to confirm that when I tell someone in the book to turn to the right to see Marat’s house (or at least where it stood) that I’m telling them the right thing. The second time I go, it will be to actually walk the tours we set up. I don’t want to tell you that a walking tour takes 1.5 hours when in fact, it takes 8. This would not be good for future books and potential sales to repeat buyers. So right now, I’m waiting for the copyright on the book (or I should say, the book proposal). Once I have that, I can deliver the book proposal to the literary agent. Won’t that be quite a milestone? For the purpose of small victories, I keep telling myself it is.

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