Stew Ross has given us so much more than ‘another travel book’; He has brought to life the people and the stories that draw the world to these enchanting places to begin with. Come join us on Stew’s magical mystery tour… if you dare!  – Howie Klausner, Writer/Filmmaker (Space Cowboys-2000/The Identical– 2014)

The Walking Tour Series from STEW!

REVOLUTIONARY PARIS – Volume One & Volume Two

Vol. 2

Volume 1

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 11.49.15 AMThese books are about Paris. They are about the places, buildings, sites, people, and streets that were important parts of the French Revolution. You are about to enter a journey into history beginning in 1789 at the village of Versailles with the procession of the Estates-General and ending on the Place de la Révolution with the execution of Maximilien Robespierre on 28 July 1794. This is your personal walking tour of the French Revolution as it occurred in Paris and Versailles.

Stew Ross has developed a gorgeous series of Walking Tour books of Paris.  Travelers will find these beautifully crafted, full-color resources just what you’re looking for whether simply looking for something new to do, or its your first trip to Paris.

Includes custom maps, engravings, photography, and more!



A truly unique travel book. History enthusiasts will be delighted by the description of events and the corresponding identification of where the events happened. – Theresa Fuller & Bob Laws, World Travelers

Mr. Ross brings the streets of Paris to life, making it possible for you to stand on the very spots where the grand and tragic events of the French Revolution took place. If you are looking for more than just the typical tourist experience in Paris, then this book is must reading! – Dan Carpenter, Historian and Author

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-2-08-10-pmStew’s passion for history really shines through! Fabulous tips for touring Paris and Versailles with pertinent facts noted in blue.  A must have guide book and great synopsis of this historic era. – Susan Abernethy, Historian and Professional Blogger on History 

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Medieval Paris – Volume One

Where Did They Burn the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar? A Walking Tour of Medieval Paris: 987 – 1547 – Volume OneKnightTemp_CovC_v1

How to Survive Your First Trip to Paris


Coming in 2017


Where Did They Burn the Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar?-The Royal Crypts Volume Two

Coming Soon



Where Did They Put the Gestapo Headquarters? A Walking Tour of Nazi Occupied Paris: 1940 – 1944 

Père-Lachaise Cemetery. Photo by Dan Owen.
Père-Lachaise Cemetery. Photo by Dan Owen.

Where Did They Bury Jim Morrison, the Lizard King? A Walking Tour of Curious Paris Cemeteries.

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