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View of Defendants in the Dock at the International Military Tribunal Trial

View of defendants in the dock at the International Military Tribunal trial (e.g., the main Nuremberg Trial). First row (left to right): Göring death/suicide), Hess (life), von Ribbentrop (death), Keitel (death), Rosenberg (death), Frank (death), Frick (death), Streicher (death), Funk (life), Schacht (acquitted); Back row (left to right): Döenitz (10 years), Raeder (life), von Schirach (20 years), Sauckel (death), Jodl (death), von Papen (acquitted), Seyss-Inquart (death), Speer (20 years), von Neurath (15 years), Fritzsche (acquitted); Missing: Kaltenbrunner (death); Bormann - tried in absentia (death); Krupp (case suspended); Ley (suicide prior to trial). Photo by Raymond D’Addario (November 1945). PD-US Government. Wikimedia Commons.

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