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Okay, Okay, When Are You Going To Tell Us Where They Put The Guillotine?


I’m not…..You’ll have to buy the book.

But I’ll give you a hint. They moved the guillotine all around the city. There were three major spots where it was erected. The problem they had was that after a while, the stench was so bad (especially in the hot and humid summers) that the neighbors complained and it would have to be moved once again to a new location.

Did you know that approximately 40,000 people died in France as a result of the Revolution? Not all died as a result of Madame Guillotine. Only about 10% of those who died were nobility. The rest were common citizens or members of the Third Estate. No wonder the citizens (especially the women) spat on Robespierre as they were carting him off to the guillotine on 28 July 1794 (they stopped the cart in front of his house on the way to his guillotine…I know where that house is…it’s still there and being lived in).

The majority of the executions were performed in a very short time frame commonly known as “The Terror”. It was a period in which Robespierre had eliminated all of his adversaries. It was a time of a virtual totalitarian state.

Anyway, if I haven’t told you this, I do appreciate you following my journey and my blog.


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