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Image Licensing

unnamedWhere Stew Had Not Gone Before

Well, I didn’t think I’d have to venture into the world of image licensing until I was ready to publish the fourth book (Where Did They Put the Gestapo Headquarters?—A Walking Tour of Nazi Occupied Paris: 1940–1944). I wrote a previous blog (Copyrighted Material?) concerning copyright issues but that was before I actually went through the process.

For the first two books (Where Did They Put the Guillotine?—Walking Tours of Revolutionary Paris: 1789–1793), I thought I could get away with using original contemporary photos, images of engravings from my collection, and the original maps created by my friends Tom and Habib at Locomotion Creative.

So Sandy, Dan (our nephew and photographer), and Stephanie (my consultant) spent a whole weekend (about 15-hours) going through all of the images and determining which ones to use in each stop for each walk. Roy (our book designer) told us that we had to have at least one image for each stop.

What I found were a lot of holes

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