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What Could I Do With This Monster?


As I dream of this book hitting Oprah’s “Book of the Month” chart (too bad I can’t go on her show now that it’s off the air), I’m starting to think that the structure, style and content of the book may lend itself to a multiple series of these niche travel guides…

…yes, I know. There has to be a market for it.

But think about it. This is basically a walking tour of Paris. The subject and content can be just about anything. In fact, the second book will deal with World War II occupation of Paris by the Germans. Do most would-be authors start dreaming out like this? Who says that I have to stick with Paris (although I have four or five other “themes” I can pursue). I could take this to London and do a walking tour of the old London City known as Londinium (the old Roman city). I could go to lower Manhattan in New York City…want to see where Peter Stuyvesant lived?

I took Leonard Pitt’s book “Walks Through Lost Paris…A Journey into the Heart of Historic Paris” with me the last time I was in Paris. I followed his various walking tours. Wouldn’t this type of content be very adaptable to an E-Book? What about putting it on a tablet such as the iPad? How about your smart phone? What about hooking up GPS to this type of book. Creating apps for this…? Endless possibilities.

To be honest with you, I’d stay in Paris as long as I could do as many pragmatic themes as possible. How about one on the literary and artists of the “Lost Generation”? Would you like to know where Hemingway got drunk every evening? How about where Gertrude Stein lived and had her salon? How about a walking tour of places in Paris where famous movie scenes were shot?

Oh, and yes, I know there has to be a market for all of this.

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