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Why Would You Buy This Book Just To Go To Paris?

Why Would You Buy This Book
The Eiffel Tower at sunrise from the Trocadéro. Photo by Tristan Nitot (2005). PD-CCA 3.0. Wikimedia Commons.

YOU WOULDN’T. If you did or are thinking of doing so, we need to talk.

Everyone goes to Paris for different reasons. Most go to cross off this city on the old travel bucket list.  They go for one-week or a couple of days. That’s okay if all you’re after are the tourist sites.

How do you like to travel? What turns you on when you travel abroad? What is the most pleasurable way for you to see what you want to see? How do you prepare for a trip overseas? These are just some of the many questions that first-time travelers and even the veteran travelers must ask themselves.

Sandy and I like to experience a city or country with our feet (if it’s the country, like England, perhaps the four tires of a car work better than the two feet). We walk a lot. Our first time in Paris together was for one week. We walked and walked and walked. I can tell you that after one week, there wasn’t much we hadn’t done or seen (including a trip to Caen to visit the Normandy beaches). Several years later, we rented a house in Honfleur (Normandy) and spent two weeks there with our family. It included a two-day trip into Paris. Preparing the Paris itinerary for our children, I came to the conclusion that we had only scratched the surface as to seeing Paris.

We like to travel with a historical slant or theme to it. I am the type of traveler that likes to see ORIGINAL stuff. I get off on knowing that I’m walking on the same wood floor that Shakespeare walked on. I like to know that the building I’m standing in or next to was the original building. Some guides don’t like to take you to “places” where buildings once stood (they don’t think a laundry mat is interesting). They think it’s a waste of time. I don’t. I like that.

So to answer the original question, my book will be a supplement to your Paris trip. It will appeal to travelers like me. You can pick and choose the walk(s) based on your interests.

Anyway, if I haven’t told you this, I do appreciate you following my journey and this blog.


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