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Stew Ross has brought to life the people and the stories that draw the world to these enchanting places to begin with. Come join us on Stew’s magical mystery tour… if you dare!

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  • TIME Magazine’s ‘Man of the Year’ is Executed

    Each year since 1927, TIME Magazine names its “Man of the Year” (now called “Person of the Year”). Individual women have been named five times (e.g., Wallis Simpson, Soong Mei-ling, Queen Elizabeth II, Corazon Aquino, and Angela Merkel), thirteen groups have been named (e.g., “U.S. Scientists,” “American Women,” and “The Whistleblowers”), an inanimate object once […]


  • The Queen’s Last Ride

    Walk the exact route that Marie Antoinette’s cart took to the guillotine in the Place de la Concorde on 16 October 1793.  Along the route you will visit Robespierre’s apartment, the pharmacy where Count Axel von Fersen purchased the invisible ink to write love letters to the queen, and examples of pre- and post-revolution architecture.


  • GROWING UP IN EUROPE Stew’s passion for travel and history was fueled by growing up in The Netherlands (Holland) and Germany during the 1960s. Multiple trips to London and Paris were the kick-starters to coming down with the history bug. It was also a time to develop an appreciation of fine art (Stew began collecting […]