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Stew Ross has brought to life the people and the stories that draw the world to these enchanting places to begin with. Come join us on Stew’s magical mystery tour… if you dare!

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  • Dunkirk. No Ships Left. What Would You Do?

    Stew’s Introduction I’m very excited to have Denis Caron as our guest blogger today. Denis is an accomplished historical fiction author specializing in military history and World War II (more on that later). His blog describes how a British soldier gave up his seat for a wounded comrade on one of the Dunkirk boats and […]


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    The Royal Necropolis

    Legend says that Saint Denis was sent from Rome to convert the pagans. He was tricked into a meeting where he was beheaded by some angry citizens. He picked up his head and began to walk.  After some time, he dropped dead on the site where this beautiful cathedral would eventually be built. It became the final resting place of the French kings, queens, and their families.


  • Growing Up in Europe Stew’s passion for travel and history was fueled by growing up in The Netherlands (Holland) and Germany during the 1960s. Multiple trips to London and Paris were the kick-starters to coming down with the history bug. It was also a time to develop an appreciation of fine art (Stew began collecting […]