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What Could I Do With This Monster?


As I dream of this book hitting Oprah’s “Book of the Month” chart (too bad I can’t go on her show now that it’s off the air), I’m starting to think that the structure, style and content of the book may lend itself to a multiple series of these niche travel guides…

…yes, I know. There has to be a market for it. Read More What Could I Do With This Monster?

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What Have I Learned Up To This Point?

I have learned quite a bit but I think the steepest part of the learning curve is yet to come. Remember, this is my first attempt at authoring a book.

I should point out exactly where am I in this process. I am approximately 90% finished with the formal book proposal that I will hand over to a literary agent. This is a comprehensive outline of the book, sample chapters and other content. I used a pro-forma, non-fiction format that Michael Hyatt suggested. I am also knee deep into research on various buildings, places, sites and people that will form the guts of the various walking tours.

So what have I learned? Read More What Have I Learned Up To This Point?